Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Subliminal Tweets

So, yesterday I blogged about livin' life for one's self. I even referenced a tweet from Trey Songz!/TreySongz
Life is short don't waste it living for other people.

And it seems that ever since then I've been getting subliminal tweets:
Rev Run!/RevRunWisdom
Keep this in mind:: Its YOUR life!! Ppl are usually happy when theyre doing what they really want 2 do #doyou
Ur dream is ur dream...Everybody won't understand them.. Nobody understood rock & rap mixed.. & nobody understood REV RUN #doyou

People always wanna tell us who and what we can be. When will they realize God has the final say, greatness is within us ALL... Goodnight

Tia Mowry!/TiaMowry
The secret to life is that it ends, so live it!

Maybe God is trying to tell you something right now, right now, right now!
(I couldn't help myself)

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