Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lovin' It Live!!

(All smiles) I had the most amazing time at the Bulls game last night! Might I add that I've been waiting all season for this :) It was beautiful. I really enjoyed myself, and Derrick Rose. lol It was definitely a night to remember. Not only did I have a lot of fun with the fam but the atmosphere in the arena was titillating. We had dinner at Yardhouse before the game, and we were just in time for happy hour. Then, after a wonderful meal, we headed over to the Staples Center to check out the fan gear in their Team LA store. Plus, I got a free Blake Griffin throwback jersey. (As you've probably realized by now the Bulls were playing the Clippers) And we were actually on time for once (I told everyone the game started at 7 cause I know how they are, plus I wanted to watch the team warm up) Anyway, once everyone started pouring in and the game begun, it became obvious that there were a lot more Bulls fans in the crowd than the home team's. The Bulls led the game the entire night and I finally got taste of that D Rose action live. He had a couple fast breaks and some pretty lay-ups, but no dunks :( But I think Blake Griffin made sure to fill the void. I think the best moment came in the second half when Rose started getting MVP chants (I mean this dude even gets MVP chants on the road)! I think I was pretty lucky though as everyone in my section appeared to be Bulls fans and towards the end of the 4th, they even starting chanting "Scalabrine" HaHa. You gotta love it! Oh yeah and even Joakim Noah was there to support his team from the bench. Too bad I couldn't get the dynamic duo that is Rose & Noah, but it's cool. The game happened so fast though. I feel like there's a lot more time to savor the excitement when I'm watching at home. But it was an amazing night all around and I can't wait to do it again. Hopefully the next Bulls game I attend will be at the United Center :)

Derrick's stats for the night: 32 pts, 11 asts, 3 rbs, 1 stl, 1 blk

Here's some video footage of the game. You can even hear the Scalabrine chants and peep Rose score the final bucket. Enjoy!

Also, check out this article at Suntimes: Bulls No. 1? ‘Why not?’ Rose says

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