Monday, June 13, 2011

Music Monday

As much as I hate can't stand Lil Wayne and will not endorse anything he represents. He advocates the absolute wrong messages in his music and his image, regardless of what he really feels/believes, his lifestyle is misleading.
All that said (lol), I heard this song in the car on the way home one night and it really hit me. At first, I felt compelled to change the station at the sound of his voice, but then as I was listening to the lyrics, it really resonated with me. Its so honest and alerted me to some unspoken self feelings/reservations/understandings. So, I had to give in to this one song (after that I'm ignoring him again lol). Anyways, this song speaks to the insecurities/self-esteem (self-worth) issues so many young women suffer. Guess he finally found a way to get through to us self-acclaimed good girls. But this'll be the one song I'll acknowledge him for.

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