Wednesday, January 5, 2011

With Open Eyes

Passion and anger
Collide and multiply
And rise
As I try to hide
These feelings
That I keep suppressed deep inside
Then I begin to wonder why
Why must I have so much pride
When they begin to come untied?
I scream for sacrifice
Push and pull
Now I must unleash these butterflies
And expel the passion that underlies
These insecure thoughts
That cloud my mind
And leave me lying awake at night
Feels like I've been stuck
Inside a beehive
These stings are so vile
But I won't lay down and die
I have faith in the Almighty God
And with His love I shall be alive
For I see clearly
What He has done for me
So I give Him thanks and praise
And accept these trials
With open eyes

~ Pamela Monique

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