Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rondo Steals To Give Back

"Rajon Rondo and Red Bull are teaming up in a big way to give back to Beantown. As part of their new Boston’s Got Wings initiative, for every steal Rondo records this season, Red Bull will donate $500 to the city’s Parks and Recreation Department to refurbish basketball courts throughout Boston. Seeing that Rondo recorded almost 200 steals last year (and already two last night), the potential impact of this program on the city is monumental.

After Rondo’s first 30 steals, a donation is going to Washington/Malcolm X Park, a spot that was selected for being in an area of need, for being an historically iconic playground, and for its continued popularity amongst kids and playground players alike. After that, you will be able to vote on which Boston court gets picked next."

(Courtesy of DimeMag)

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