Friday, June 18, 2010

Just Throw It in the Bag!!!

And the Los Angeles Lakers are 16x NBA Champions. That is one championship away from tying Boston for the record. Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant collected their fifth championship rings, while Ron Artest picked up his first. And it was well deserved because he did the damn thing last night. The rest of the Lakers appeared to be struggling out on the court during the first half and it was nothing like the Lake show they put on during game 6 (maintaining a 20-point lead most of the game which ended 67-89) they were finally able to pull it together though in the last 12 minutes of the game and maintain their edge. This game 7 was crazy, but all the angst and anxiety was well worth the finish. While I think Rondo has incredible talent (the kid never gives up!) and Boston is obviously a veteran team, it just wasn't their time to shine last night. I never for one second this whole playoff season doubted that the Lakers would win the title. Its like gatorade "is it in you?" The Lakers have got it and no one can contest that right now, not the Celtics and not even LeBron.

The final score of game 7 was 79-83. Kobe took home the MVP trophy as expected. This is Phil Jackson's 11th championship as a coach and as noted after the game he usually wins championships in a series of three. So, will Phil be back next year to coach the Lakers, let's hope so we can do it all again next year!

Want more, check out this article and analysis over at Dime mag:

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