Monday, March 1, 2010

Artist Spotlight

Nipsey Hussle came to UCLA a little over a week ago to participate in an intellectually stimulating panel discussion that explored the materialistic, misogynistic, and violent images portrayed in hip hop music videos. As a description of the event stated, "Many are aware of the stereotypes that are perpetuated in these videos but few are actually willing to deliberate and converse about them. Striving to promote edutainment (education + entertainment), the discussion will be formatted to watch different clips and compilation-footage of hip hop music videos throughout history and then spark a discourse about the social, cultural, and political undertones embedded within the videos. The goal by the end of this powerful discourse is to grant all participants and audience members the opportunity to reach a higher truth and understanding in regard to the portrayal of women, African Americans, and the greater hip hop culture through the visuals that hip hop music videos lend us."
And might I add that I was quite impressed with Nipsey's input. He was well-composed and articulated his views/thoughts in the most candid and alluring manner. He definitely secured some new fans that night and made an admirer out of me.

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