Monday, February 15, 2010

V-Day Eye Candy

Its the love-a-bull Derrick Rose!

Rose leads off our Valentine's Day piece not only because of his festive last name but also because he was just voted Chicago's sexiest athlete by Victoria's Secret and was featured in a GQ magazine spread (now you know why your girlfriend is always interested in watching Bulls games). So Derrick why do you love this game?

Rose: I love this game because it comes easy to me. It's something I love doing. Takes my mind of stuff. If there is something going wrong in my regular life, whether it be girls or whatever, when you go out there it seems like you forget about everything. And of course I love the fan base, they are the people who pay you. Of course, I love the pay but the fans are the people who go out there and buy your jersey and yell and scream for you. This game brings so much to you and that's why you got to respect it. Speaking of screaming fans, some fans aren't out there screaming just for your sick dunks. Others are checking out your sexy since you were just voted Chicago's sexiest athlete. How does that make you feel?

Rose: I'm shy period (he really is pretty shy, as he sits in corner of the locker room with his arms folded, hugging himself). It's awkward thinking people are walking around looking at my picture and thinking I'm sexy. I guess you get in the NBA and that makes you look attractive now I guess. (giggles) The Chicago's sexiest male thing was a fun little event that people were voting on around the city. I wasn't even checking up on it and then one day my agent called me up and told me I won. I had to go to this little Victoria Secret event to celebrate. Little Victoria's Secret event? Don't be so modest. I'm sure you didn't mind going to the Victoria's Secret event.

Rose: Oh no, I didn't mind at all! (Devilish grin) What kind of gift would you get your special someone on Valentine's Day?

Teammates: (Laughter starts brewing in the locker room and yelling ensues) Tell 'em the truth D. Rose. Tell 'em the truth! He's going to buy her a Phantom or summin! (A Phantom is one of the most expensive cars, lusted after by the rich and famous. Check it out here.)

Rose: I ain't got no Phantom so why would I get a girl a Phantom, boy?

Teammates: Boy? Who you calling boy? (laughter)

Rose: Anyway, I would probably get her a purse. Teammates: A purse! What!? What kind of purse?

Rose: Anything she wants What would be a good gift for you? Would it be a Phantom?

Rose: That would be a great gift to tell you the truth! But really, I love bags. Toiletry bags and stuff, that's what I like. You ever have a bad Valentine's Day where things just didn't go your way and someone didn't want to be your valentine?

Rose: No. Not really. Oh wait, let me knock on wood or knock on something so I won't jinx myself. But mostly girls always said yes to being my valentine.

America's female population just melted. He's shy and likes purses! This is one sweet Rose I'd always pick!

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